[E3-hacking] NAND problems

Mark Underwood basicmark at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 12 12:02:45 GMT 2006

I may have worked out why after writing to NAND using our kernel PBL tool doesn't load the old
stuff from NAND.

I think the problem is to do with the format of the OOB data and/or ECC format.

I tried to modify the kernel parameters of the old kernel using our kernel and MTD tools rather
the PBL tool (as I hadn't updated the NAND writing routines). I dumped /dev/mtd1 to my USB stick
and created a modified version with the changed command line. After flashing my modified version
of mtd1 to my E3 I power cycled it and it just sat there. Fortunately PBL still works and so I
booted our kernel and re-flashed the original image and power cycled again, but my E3 still didn't
boot the old kernel.

My guess is that PBL is doing a badblobk check on the flash as it searches for images and find's
the pages that I have modified are bad and thus refuses to load them.

If I'm right then is could be a problem trying to get PBL to load u-boot. Flashing u-boot with
pbltool should mean that PBL could load u-boot, but it might scan the entire flash for images and
give up because it thinks there are too many bad images, or if it can't find enough images (I'm
not sure how PBL handles loading stuff from flash, does it boot the first image with the correct
header or just it know it needs to find 3 or more valid images).


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