[E3-hacking] sound?!

Mark Underwood basicmark at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 3 08:44:22 GMT 2006

--- Jonathan McDowell <noodles at earth.li> wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 02, 2006 at 09:55:51PM +0000, Mark Underwood wrote:
> > I'm talking about the aic23 stero codec which the E3 seems to have 2
> > of ?! You don't need the DSP either as the BSP that sends the sound
> > samples (via I2S) can be mapped to either the DSP or the CPU. 
> Er, really? You have this working?

Well, what to you mean by working ;). I looked through the E3 config for the 2.4 kernel and found
that it had enabled support for the the aic23 stero codec and after a bit of light hacking I got
it to complie under 2.6. The aic23 I2C driver probes for the device and will only try to attach to
if it got an ack back from a chip so either the I2C bus is in a state which means it always thinks
it has an ack, there is another I2C chip at the same address, or there are 2 aic23 stero codecs on
the E3. As I haven't taken mine apart I don't know which it is.

I have DMA interrupts & I2C interrupts, but no sound as yet.

> > Thanks for the FB patch's Jonathan, but your E3_defconfig doesn't seem
> > to have been updated to enable the FB :-(. In fact your patchs like
> > very much like the changes I have made (great minds ;), however, your
> > patch (like my version) only seem only yeild a blue display on my E3
> > (different hardware version?!) I'll have a play around this weekend to
> > see if I can find you what's wrong. In the mean time would it be
> > possible to post your working FB config plus a kernel uImage (just to
> > make sure that we are running execatly the same code). 
> That patch doesn't have the FB enabled because it doesn't work in it. It
> has working NAND and an updated keymap over my first patch.
> I'm going to have a new patch out before the end of the weekend
> (hopefully split out and cleaner) that'll add the FB support; I have it
> working locally.

Ah, your blurred picture got me so excited I didn't read your website correctly!

Any hint on how you got the LCD to work? (my FB code seems to match the FB code in your patch), or
am I going to have to wait until the weekend!

What else is there to do? Just to confirm, the current status is:

Kernel booting
Serial port working
USB working
NAND reading & writing
FB working

Which leaves:
sound ?!
Mini keyboard (PS2 right?)
u-boot NAND read (& write ?)
Getting PBL tool to load & run u-boot from flash


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