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Hi Cliff,

I do appreciate what you say, I just think that in these days of broadband, 
wireless etc., the charges are unrealistic. Maybe if they were just usage 
based, and lower, you would actually have sold more phones, and that people 
would actually use them. I'm only guessing that many of the E3's out there 
are not being used very much, if at all. It's no use giving the phones away 
if people aren't going to use them..... better to sell them at a sensible 
price & make a bit from usage charges.



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Like I say, we make absolutely no secret of the charging model. It's in red
warning labels on the outside of the box and also before you read the
manual. As I say you are getting £100+ worth of electronics for £20-£30 so
it's hopefully obvious why there has to be a subsidy payback mechanism. As
always you pays yer money and you takes yer choice!

We may not have a network to support (though Demon-Thus who act as our ISP
do!) but we do have a h/w subsidy to support


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> While the mobile phone analogy works to a point, it's now a
> primarily usage
> based charging model, and anyway, mobiles have a network to
> support. Maybe
> if Amstrad had gone for usage rather than affectively daily
> rental plus
> usage charges, they may have sold a few more.

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