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Cliff Lawson clawson at amstrad.com
Mon Jul 17 11:19:47 BST 2006

The thing that keeps it "alive" or rather, that locks it out after a few
weeks, is if it can't get through to make the email calls (the advert calls
aren't involved in this process). So if 0901xxx is barred it will only
operate for a short while and then croak. However this is the reason it
deliberately calls an 0901xxx when you first register because if you manage
to get through for that call it presumably means you are not behind a PBX
that is barring 0901xxx access. If it can't get connected during
registration I've even got a screen that pops up and lists the 09xx ranges
that need to be unbarred. 


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> I do know that they stop working if they can't pick up adverts; would
they also stop working if you got your telco to block the 0901 number, I
wonder? Of course, given the hardware subsidy, doing such a thing
*could* be considered Bad Form...

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