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I haven't forgotten about this but right now I'm knee deep in DRX180 and
DRX280 Sky+ boxes and haven't got the time to go ferreting for the bits you
need - but I will when I get a moment.

Oh, and for the benefit of others, the way the phone works is that at a
minimum of 24 hours it will call the server on an 0901 number to
send/receive email. If you instigate this manually then you just reset the
24 hour counter. So it never goes more than 24 hours without making a 15p
(is it?) call. This is unavoidable and is a condition of use quoted in the
Ts&Cs when you started to use it (see also the red letter warnings all over
the box and the plastic baggy that the manual comes it) - we don't make a
secret of this - it's how you buy £100 worth of electronics for £29. We
would eventually like to see that other £70 back and perhaps a few sheckles
of profit too ;-)

Independent of the email call there's also a system by which the phone can
be triggered to dial out and pick up some adverts during the middle of the
night. The call out from your phone is made on an 0808 number which is in
the same charging band as 0800 (but for data). This means that such calls
cost you, the end user, absolutely nothing.

There are various other charges involved with optional functions on the
phone such as sending SMS messages or surfing but the bottom line with those
is if you don't want to pay don't use the function. The only obligatory call
is that 15p/day for email.

(apologies if I got my facts wrong and it's more than 15p these days - it's
been a while since I was involved in the day to day running of the service)


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