[E3-hacking] Adding write support to pbltool

Mark Underwood basicmark at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 29 18:07:31 GMT 2006

--- Jasmine Strong <jasmine at electronpusher.org> wrote:

> On 28 Jan 2006, at 11:16, Jonathan McDowell wrote:
> >
> > I believe you can jump to code in SRAM, but not SDRAM.
> To clarify this:  most bootloaders for the OMAP chips don't set up
> the SDRAM controller.  For this reason, a small piece of 'trampoline'
> code is normally loaded into SRAM, which doesn't need SDRAM
> refresh cycles, which sets up the SDRAM and loads the rest of
> the image into it.  (It also usually sets the clocks and stuff up.)
> You then jump into the (now, hopefully, stable) SDRAM.

Good news guys! 
I have managed to create an E3 config for u-boot and now have it up and running on my system. I
have had to hack it a bit to remove the UART init code as I don't know what clock speed they are
running at. (Just the basic's so far, no NAND flash support yet, I think I'll leave that to the
As PBL has kindly initialised the SDRAM I am running from that with no problems :-). 
Next step Linux 2.6! 

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> ex-OMAP architect,
> ex-Symbianite,
> ex-tremely interested in E3s...
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