[E3-hacking] Adding write support to pbltool

Jasmine Strong jasmine at electronpusher.org
Sun Jan 29 13:35:51 GMT 2006

On 28 Jan 2006, at 11:16, Jonathan McDowell wrote:
> I believe you can jump to code in SRAM, but not SDRAM.

To clarify this:  most bootloaders for the OMAP chips don't set up
the SDRAM controller.  For this reason, a small piece of 'trampoline'
code is normally loaded into SRAM, which doesn't need SDRAM
refresh cycles, which sets up the SDRAM and loads the rest of
the image into it.  (It also usually sets the clocks and stuff up.)
You then jump into the (now, hopefully, stable) SDRAM.

ex-OMAP architect,
ex-tremely interested in E3s...

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