[E3-hacking] Knowledge of bootloader

David Given dg at cowlark.com
Tue Jan 24 22:21:27 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 24 January 2006 22:01, Mark Underwood wrote:
> If I set the fast baud rate to 9600 then it doesn't print the "Switching to
> 115200 baud..." message. If my understanding is correct then this means the
> program has stopped the E3 from going into it's normal boot mode and the
> PBL software should now be in a state to receive commands, but it seems
> that any command that is sent to it is ignored (well at least
> PACKET_SETBAUD and PACKET_GETVERSION). It couldn't be that my slow P120
> Laptop is being outrun by a E3 could it (if the response got sent from the
> E3 before the UART was read from would the buffer be flushed when the
> read() call was made? I don't think this is the case)?!

Doubtful --- a P120 should have no trouble whatsoever from coping with 115200 

I'm afraid I only tested pblq on an E2 (but I am planning on getting an E3 
since they're so cheap). I had gathered that the E3 had a different default 
slow baud rate from the fast one. You might try tinkering with the slow rate 
settings --- but I would have expected the handshaking to fail if that were 
the case.

BTW, if you use a slow rate of 115200, start the terminal and then boot the 
E3, you should get the Linux startup messages.

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