[E3-hacking] Another hello

mark mark at xenon-computing.com
Wed Jan 18 18:48:12 GMT 2006

Jonathan McDowell wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 17, 2006 at 11:42:52PM +0000, David Given wrote:
>> On Tuesday 17 January 2006 22:48, mark wrote: [...]
>>> I checked the serial port wiring, and thats Ok.
>>> Could it be because I've not registered the phone yet?
>> Huh... been there, done that, spent *ages* figuring it out. The main
>> crux of the matter is: it's *not* a serial port! To be accurate, it's
>> a serial port without the RS232 line level converter, which means it
>> generates 0V/5V instead of -12V/+12V. This means that your PC serial
>> port will not recognise it.
> Mark isn't clear about which device he has.
> My E3 doesn't require any level shifter to connect it to a PC serial
> port.
> I believe the Emailer Plus does, but I don't own one of those.
> J.

Evening all,

As you say I forgot to mention that the model I have is an e3.

I read in the archives that I wouldn't need a line level convertor so
thats the initial path that I took.

I've spent some time today reading the archives a bit more and it seems
that it might be a baud rate/software issue issue.

I will continue tonight and see how far I get.

I also read the scary part which Cliff said about a new version with
encryption and noticed that my machine is marked as version 2 in the
setup screen, hoping I haven't got a more of a challenge than I thought.

In all other respects it matches what I have read on the web sites.

Oh well, keeps me off the streets :)


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