[E3-hacking] Another hello

James Tinmouth james-amstrad at emailblock.co.uk
Wed Jan 18 16:40:05 GMT 2006

> Mark isn't clear about which device he has.
> My E3 doesn't require any level shifter to connect it to a PC serial
> port.
> I believe the Emailer Plus does, but I don't own one of those.

Also Mark says he can't send anything TO the phone. I read that to say he can
see stuff from the phone OK. If so, this is in agreement with what I'm seeing
and what I've read so far. You can see stuff, but not send anything (as far as
I've found so far anyway!)

I've managed to sucessfully see stuff coming from the phone, but weirdly I see
different bits of the output depending on what speed the computer's set to.
Granted this is using hyperterminal, but I'm not sure what the difference

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