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Cliff Lawson clawson at amstrad.com
Wed Jan 18 16:41:16 GMT 2006

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> From: James Tinmouth [mailto:james-amstrad at emailblock.co.uk]
> I've managed to successfully see stuff coming from the phone, 
> but weirdly I see
> different bits of the output depending on what speed the 
> computer's set to.
> Granted this is using HyperTerminal, but I'm not sure what 
> the difference
> indicates.....

OK, I'm intrigued, what are you seeing coming FROM the phone then?

It doesn't start:

	Amstrad Delta - PBL V5.1 Build:1314

by any chance does it?


PS personally I'd ditch HyperTerminal and use Tera Term Pro 2.3:

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