[E3-hacking] E3 u-boot & Linux

Mark Underwood basicmark at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 15 21:24:45 GMT 2006

--- Jonathan McDowell <noodles at earth.li> wrote:

> On Mon, Feb 06, 2006 at 10:53:54PM +0000, Mark Underwood wrote:
> > I have managed to not only get u-boot running (now with u-boot setting
> > up the UART baud rate) but have also managed to get a 2.6.15 kernel
> > with omap patchs to boot :-). I'm still having a problem getting the
> > startup scripts to give me a login, but once I've fixed that problem I
> > will make my modifications to u-boot and the kernel available (need to
> > find somewhere to put them first) and then start working on getting
> > USB up and running (the probe of the OHCI is failing for some reason).
> Oh wow, that's fantastic news. Do you have access to the flash device
> ok? That would allow the use of JFFS2 which suddenly makes the whole
> thing a lot more useful for hacking about on.

No JFFS yet but that shouldn't be too hard, I haven't tried it yet. With my modified pbltool with
scripting support I can upload all I need in about 3 1/2 min.

> Access to the modifications would be nice, even if they don't fully
> work. If you have nowhere to put them then I'm happy to host them on my
> site for you.

That would be great. I am happy with my modifications to u-boot and pbltool but both need a bit of
a clean up. I could create a patch for u-boot and the kernel.
For pbltool I would prefer to just send you the source file as my modifcations have been
Also I could put my buildroot & busybox configs on there so everyone can build their own rootfs,
but I will also make all my images available.

All this probably will not happen till the weekend as I want a little longer working on the USB

B.T.W I now have a (slightly broken) shell.


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