[E3-hacking] Opie Instructions

David Ford david at hu.gs
Tue Dec 5 22:37:26 GMT 2006

tuxish wrote:
> Some people seem to have Opie running on their E3 yet I can find no
> information wse anywhere on the internet on how to do this.
> If this information does exist and I've just missed it, could someone
> reply with a link or alternatively reply with information on how to do
> this.
> I have a USB drive (1GB) that I could format and chroot into or set as
> the root fs at boot however I cannot find a root filesystem and when I
> plug it in whilst using the root fs on the earth.li wiki, it doesn't
> appear in /dev thus 'mount /dev/sda /mnt' will not work.

Hi Tuxish,

As the person who got Opie working initially, I suspect I am probably
best placed to answer this. As far as I know, no binary releases of Opie
have been made available publically, and my build machine is currently
about 150 miles away from me so it is non-trivial for me to rebuild a
copy at the present time. I do however have a set of patches against
OpenEmbedded (from 12th April 2006 - which is the last time I had chance
to look at the E3 in earnest unfortunately), which are at
<http://hu.gs/pub/E3/OpenEmbedded-patches-interim/>. These patches will
probably need some updating to cope with more recent OpenEmbedded (see
http://www.openembedded.org) releases, however once you have applied the
patches, I think building an Opie image is approximately just a matter
of running bitbake opie-image.

When I get appropriate tuits (which will probably not be until sometime
next year), I will try to update the openembedded patches and possibly
release some binary images.

Thanks, let me know how you get on


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