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David Given dg at cowlark.com
Tue Apr 25 21:20:25 BST 2006

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David J. Singer wrote:
> Surely that's the whole point; otherwise it's just another Linux Arm 
> development system.  The attraction for me is that with the E3 you have the 
> embedded ARM processor and a lot of interesting hardware attached to turn it 
> into a useful appliance.

I should probably have been clearer; I meant, a platform for doing development
of applications on, rather than a platform for deploying applications on.

> My ultimate ambition for the E3 would be to turn it into a point-to-point 
> video phone...  is that a realistic ambition? 

Sure. That is, after all, what Amstrad sold it for! It would be really good as
a SIP or H323 device. Unfortunately, the feeble little processor probably
isn't up to realtime video encoding, which means someone's going to have to
write some video codecs that run on the OMAP DSP, and a very brief search for
open source tools turned up a C55 assembler and no compiler... so that'll be fun.

Does anyone know where I can find some documentation on getting started with
the DSP under Linux? I found the link driver in the kernel, but I couldn't
find any other resources. Do I need a scheduler operating-system-let running
on the DSP to manage tasks? If so, where do I get one?

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