[E3-hacking] External keyboard (mailboard) support for 2.6

Cliff Lawson clawson at amstrad.com
Tue Apr 4 13:30:29 BST 2006

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> Subject: [E3-hacking] External keyboard (mailboard) support for 2.6
> I've been working on this for a while now, but I still cant get it to 
> work reliably.

It took us about a YEAR(!) to get the bloody keyboard working reliably so
you're on the early stage of your journey. In a future design I'm going to
stick in something like an 8 bit Atmel AVR to mop up IO and have the
dedicated task of talking to these bloody clock master PS/2 controllers to
save the aggro. (it is a shame that Linux makes you go through such hoops
for fast interrupt service though and is the reason why I never use the term
RTOS applied to Linux even if the kernel has "realtime" patches - I can't
help thinking this would have been easier in VxWorks!)

But anyway, after a couple of gentle nudges:

www.ourcottage.plus.com/ams_keyb_mod.c (from kernel/drivers/char)

I'm not sure what dependent .h you might need so holler when it won't build!


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