[E3-hacking] Re: [E2 hacking] E2 monitor v0.22

Adam Coventry ascoventry at yahoo.co.uk
Fri May 27 08:02:03 BST 2005

OK - panic over.

I had assumed the rapid light flashing was driven by
an active pbl and that the absence of those lights
meant that I had somehow trashed pbl.  I assume what
actually happens is that the lights flash as pbl scans
the NAND for headers.  Since the monitor was loaded
into address 0 and did not chain other blocks there
was no searching to do and therefore no reassuring
light show.

I _did_ manage to interrupt my (failed?) monitor
program with pblq and reloaded a 57600 version (to
overcome my flaky serial).  Now I am presented with a
proper monitor prompt, and all is well!

Thanks for the great work you guys are doing - I don't
mind hanging on to your coat tails!


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