[E3-hacking] Success!

Matt Evans e3-hacking@earth.li
Wed, 16 Mar 2005 00:35:29 +0000

Yay!  Well done David.

The disassembly you posted is interesting - what address did you grab 
that from?  It looks like the running exception vectors from DRAM - 
that's not what they are in the PBL ROM, it copies itself into DRAM 
then repatches various things like IRQ vec to to to real routines.

When PBL is running it remaps DRAM to 0 and the boot flash to 80000000:

I haven't got my mental image of the Sharp segmented memory scheme in 
clarity yet but it seems to set up segments such that:
s0	00000000+64K readonly
s1	00000000+8MB rw  SDRAM
s4	40000000+8MB rw  SDRAM
s5	80000000+64K rw  Flash
s6	a0000000+32K rw  Ext bus
s7	ffff0000+64K rw  Int periphs

Hm, that's not good; I didn't think of that- if they're checked in 
order it looks like it's write-protected the first 64K.  Ralph, what's 
your take on the memory map?  (I'm hoping that's wrong, or overridden 
in another order such that addr 0 is writable...)

So maybe try dumping from address 0x80000000 if possible?

I'd be interested in trying your pblq prog.  Hmmm... any CVS available 
to us? ;)  Seems like we're all hacking on different things;  I'd quite 
like a cmdline util to provide a crap shell to send commands (whilst 
sending nop packets while I think so it doesn't time out) - extensible 
to do higher-level things like "dump RAM to/from file"..  Sounds like 
pblq does stuff aiming along those lines eh?  Do post it, would be