[E3-hacking] Making life easy for you

Cliff Lawson clawson at amstrad.com
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Fair enough but shortly the job of recycling our subsidised hardware is due
to get a bit trickier for you I hope.(Assuming we've implemented SHA256
hashing and MD5+RSA signing correctly ;-) 
This isn't an attempt to break the "fun" that you guys have been having but
realistically, if some Eastern European (for example) outfit decided to use
the "backdoor" technology you've come up with to then buy up 10,000 of our
phones at £50 and then recycle the electronics into some completely new
product with their own software or even continue to use the h/w for their
own telephony then we'd make a HUGE loss. We can't afford to run that risk
so have to protect our investment in the per unit subsidy. It's not the fact
that 5 or 10 talented engineers in the UK have managed to "break in" -
that's no real problem for us - good luck to you and your ingenuity, you got
£100+ worth of electronics for £50. In fact we owe you thanks for
highlighting our security shortcomings - I'd be interested if anyone can
"break in" to newly protected hardware (OK, desoldering the NOR doesn't
count! ;-)
I know this sounds a bit heavy handed but otherwise it turns into Alan's
famous "Apprentice" quote of "selling £10 notes for a fiver a time" and
Amstrad as a relatively small company, just cannot afford to do that.
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The reason I am interested in E3 hardware recycling is that the hardware is
good value.
It makes no sense to be to buy something at a reasonable price!  It's the
subsidy that makes the E3 make sense!
Just being realistic.

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