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en4rab en4rab at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 4 18:32:06 BST 2005

Hello all,
I have finally gotten round to building my max3232 interface for the
E2's exp port, it seems to be working just fine running at 3v which i
took from the 3v supply on the E2's board which i used for my Jtag leads
Vref as well.
But I have an issue with dumping the NAND flash, Im sure its just me
being half asleep but what command should i be using to back up the
entire 8MB of flash?
I have compile pblq-02 but when I run:
./pblq readflash flash.bin 0x0 0x7FFFFF 
I get an error about the size not being divisible by 512, and if i try
using a size of 0x800000 i get an error about an invalid size.

Id be extremely gratefull if someone could point out my no doubt stupid
mistake and tell me what i should be doing to save the entire flash
image so i can have a backup of my E2.


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