[E3-hacking] Cheap PL2303 cable @ Ebuyer

Matt Evans matt at axio.ms
Thu Jul 7 15:35:13 BST 2005

On 7 Jul 2005, at 15:26, Rahim Nathwani wrote:

> http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/index.html?product_uid=51518
> It's USB at one end, and Nokia pop-port at the other.  It doesn't play
> nicely with current versions of Nokia PC Suite, but might be a good
> alternative to a home-made MAX232 (which would probably work out 
> around the
> same price).

That looks like a bargain!  Also - the picture's a little small but 
that looks very much like the T610 cable I have, so hopefully same 
manufacturer.  (There's a little rectangular 'pod' with a PCB inside.)  
If it is the same as the one I have then it has the advantage that it's 
not sealed into a resin glob, but there's the disadvantage that it 
needs a mod for 5V which requires soldering a tiny leg on the PL2303.


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