[cgi-wiki-dev] Search::InvertedIndex deprecation?

Kake kake at earth.li
Sun Dec 22 10:30:12 GMT 2013

On Sun 22 Dec 2013, Dominic Hargreaves <dom at earth.li> wrote:
> As Bob pointed out to me, Search::InvertedIndex tests are currently
> failing in the Wiki::Toolkit test suite. We wondered whether anyone
> was actually making use of S::II in Wiki::Toolkit (or, indeed, the
> other built in alternative, DBIx::FullTextSearch). The most high-profile
> user of Wiki::Toolkit, OpenGuides, implements its own search separately.

Small correction - OpenGuides search is built on top of Wiki::Toolkit
search.  OpenGuides admins can choose in their config file whether to
use the S::II, Plucene, or Lucy backends for this.  Since 2004 the
default search backend has been Plucene, but before that it was S::II.

Hence it's conceivable that there are old OpenGuides installs still
running on the S:II backend.  (Though I can confirm that Vegan Oxford,
Croydon, and RGL are all running on Plucene.)


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