[cgi-wiki-dev] Flat-file backend

Ryan Jendoubi ryan.jendoubi at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 13:22:02 GMT 2012

On 06/02/12 08:26, Dominic Hargreaves wrote:
> Hrm, although this does raise the point that W::T does rely on some 
> quite complex metadata queries; performance on a collection of 
> JSON/YAML will suck for that, so that's probably not as good an idea 
> after all. I can't help saying 'sqlite' at this point...

For the legacy HTML thing, I suppose I /could/ put everything into a db 
then take it out and put it back every time we have a new batch of 
tweaks to run. Using Lucy would essentially be a compromise to that, 
having the 'content' lying around as flat files but indexing them on 
certain metadata. I'm sure one could construct something similar using a 
conventional db backend but only putting the metadata in it, along with 
just filenames instead of the current content.

Another way to come at it I guess would be to use W::T in the usual way, 
but in addition generate an on-disk copy of the current revision of each 
document, almost like a cache.

Then if you ran a batch textual manipulation on those documents you 
could have a script to check for any document that's different from its 
most up-to-date version in the W::T database and update that version 
accordingly. That wouldn't be too bad.

On the other hand, all our documents are already under version control 
anyway... I suppose you could have a hybrid db / git backend where 
metadata, backlinks etc are kept in a .gitignored db but the revisions 
themselves are kept in git. Again, pretty convoluted!


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