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Dominic Hargreaves dom at earth.li
Sun May 11 01:53:16 BST 2008

On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 04:01:45PM +0100, Kake L Pugh wrote:

> There was indeed a hole in the test suite, and I did introduce a bug.
> I have now plugged the hole and fixed the bug.  I think this is now
> nearly ready for release.  As a reminder, the URL for checking it out is:
> >   svn co https://urchin.earth.li/svn/wiki-toolkit/wiki-toolkit/
> You don't have to install it to run the tests, nor do you need to be root.

I've run tests under Pg, SQLite and MySQL with DBIxFTSMySQL.
The latter two broke horribly; however I suspect this is simply rotten
code which has been like this for a while.

I've now fixed this up in trunk and all tests pass on that testing


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