[cgi-wiki-dev] How to write node with versions

Kake L Pugh kake at earth.li
Sat Jan 5 14:56:43 GMT 2008

On Sat 05 Jan 2008, abhishek jain <abhishek.netjain at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have created a wiki based on Embperl and Wiki :: Toolkit visit it if you
> wish at http://delhi.pm.org/ .

Shiny.  I normally hate light-on-dark colour schemes, but yours is
actually OK.  The text is a bit small though.  Also, would it be
possible to make it so once I hide the announcements, they stay hidden
when I navigate to different pages?

> I was actually planning to create multiple wikis on same database based on
> single domain, is there a method by which with every request i can send an
> extra parameter as domain also [...]

Jody Belka was working on some changes along these lines - there was a
thread back in November 2003 called "Table-prefix support".  He was
going to get some patches sorted out but decided to wait until I'd got
the test suite in better shape first so he could write some tests for
it.  I think what happened was that I got the tests sorted out but
never prodded him to do his part.

> also do you have a documentation on mysql tables which wiki ::
> toolkit creates. I mean the fields , relations and some comments,

Have a look at the source of Wiki::Toolkit::Setup::MySQL - the SQL
statements for table creation are all there at the top.

(Hm, I note that the MySQL setup is still missing the index on the
node table.)

> Futher has your s/w tested on large data i mean if i have at least
> hundreds if not more of page contents,

As Nick says, OpenGuides uses Wiki::Toolkit, and some of the Open
Guides have thousands of pages.  The Randomness Guide to London:


has 2695 pages at the moment, and no performance problems.

The Boston Guide has (as far as I know) tens of thousands of pages, and
had some performance issues which they sorted out by using memcached.
I don't know if those issues were mostly from Wiki::Toolkit, or from
one of the many other CPAN modules that OpenGuides uses, or from both.

> http://www.wiki-toolkit.org/
> >
> > (you need to register for an account first).
> How to register for an account.

Just follow the instructions on that page - i.e. go to
and fill in the form there.


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