[cgi-wiki-dev] More Plugin Points

IvorW ivorw-openguides at xemaps.com
Thu Mar 16 19:50:57 GMT 2006

Nick Burch wrote:

> Hi All
> I've just updated svn to support two new kinds of plugin:
> * post_delete
>     called with node name, node id and version
> * post_moderate
>     called with node name and node id
> (The only existing plugin point was post_write)
> Can anyone think of any other plugin points that might be useful?

Does this mean you've implemented my AutoPlugin idea? I'm quite excited :D.

Also, we have an svn repository and people are updating it. Excellent!

I notice Kake is still the owner of the module on CPAN, and no releases 
have happened. What changes are in the pipeline?

What we really need is a Trac installation, or use the OG one, then we 
can view changesets and differences. Also we would be able to have 
tickets, milestones etc.



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