[cgi-wiki-dev] [CGI::Wiki] PDF Output

HERMIER Christophe christophe.hermier at quickfds.com
Fri Jan 20 15:54:02 GMT 2006

I am looking for a a Wiki Program.
Being  a perl guy, I think CGI::Wiki is quite interesting notably 
because it is a toolkit
(so I can hack it if I want) and not a drop in stuff where you can 
only change a template or two.

But on my checklist I need to be able to produce (nice) PDF files out 
of the wiki pages.
At first, I thought that the "Formatter" classes where the sort of 
thing to do that
but it seems they are concerned with input format rather than ouput format.

So, How easy/hard would it be to allow PDF rendering of one or more 
pages in your opinion ??
And by the way of any other output format (I may need rtf and stuff 
like that too)
Is there any work in that direction ?


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