[cgi-wiki-dev] Formatter API change proposal

Kjetil Kjernsmo cgi-wiki-dev@earth.li
Mon, 24 Jan 2005 21:46:57 +0100

On mandag 24 januar 2005, 21:10, justin+earth@dicatek.com wrote:
> Given that jerakeen is taking a break from all this (correct me if
> I'm wrong), I'm pretty busy, and I don't know of anyone else
> intending to code for Wiki::Toolkit in the near future, perhaps we're
> engaging in premature specification?

Oh, I'm coding on AxKit and TABOO, so I'm on a totally different project 
really. The reason why I'm taking it here is that jerakeen was 
interested in it, and that it is something that is interesting across 
many projects and applications.

Also, I really need this sorted out, and I'm under a lot of pressure, so 
I have to move along to other topics tomorrow at noon, at which point I 
need the Formatter:: API to be sorted out... :-( I really hate to rush 
stuff like this, but Real World demands are taking over... I'm not 
usually this stressed out, but I am now...

So, I have to move along, but I hate to go anywhere without you, since 
that would mean I engage in a sort of insular behaviour that is not 
going to attract people to write Formatter:: modules... :-)

> In other words, I'm proposing either sticking to/clarifying the
> CGI::Wiki formatter API, or just implementing something without
> having it be definitive...

I think jerakeen's idea was to move over to this Formatter API. We 
discussed this when I came along, I looked at the CGI::Wiki formatter 
API, found it very interesting but also too tied to CGI::Wiki for my 
purpose, and jerakeen and I started on this work to make something that 
could be used across both projects. 

> > I think the real controversy here is actually the problem Justin
> > brought up: That you can't always rely on a fragment being
> > returned. I presume
> Er, was that someone else? Either that or I have no idea what I'm
> talking about from one minute to the next :)

:-D I guess it was just that you put me on that track by saying that it 
would be easy to get a HTML fragment from a full HTML document... :-)


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