[cgi-wiki-dev] CGI-Wiki-Kwiki-0.45 with added diffs, please test

Ivor Williams cgi-wiki-dev@earth.li
Thu, 11 Dec 2003 00:13:06 -0000

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From: "Kate L Pugh" <kake@earth.li>
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Sent: 10 December 2003 16:29
Subject: Re: [cgi-wiki-dev] CGI-Wiki-Kwiki-0.45 with added diffs, please test

> On Wed 10 Dec 2003, Kate L Pugh <kake@earth.li> wrote:
> > Nice work, thanks Ivor.  I just installed it here at work and it seems
> > mostly fine; just a couple of bugs that I shall try to iron out.  I
> > have applied the changes to CVS.
> Bugs fixed, changes in CVS, 0.46 released.

I noticed a couple of points after I submitted the patch. There is an error in the
template, differences.tt - it should be referring to variables [% left_version %] and
[% right_version %] not [% ver1 %] and [% ver2 %].

Also, there are stylesheet entries needed to see the diff in full glorious technicolour:



Perhaps the default style in header.tt should include these, and the documentation
should mention that these should be included in the stylesheet.

I'm also looking at and writing more tests for CGI::Wiki::Plugin::Diff. If you find any
bugs/quirks/anomalies in the diffing done by this module, please let me know, on
this list, off-list or on RT. I've already found one with incorrect tokenising of <br /> and
<BR />, which can be cured by making the regex case insensitive.

Also thanks to Jody for applying the patch to http://collab.orative.org.uk/kwiki, which 
I have been using to see the results.