[cgi-wiki-dev] Just what we don't need. YAPW

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Mon, 29 Sep 2003 09:11:54 -0700

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> Quoting Martin@Cleaver.org:
> > Yet another Perl Wiki, the Mason people have dropped Kwiki in favour of
> > building their own.
> Just the opposite - article says:
>   So I decided to go with Kwiki first. As promised,
>   it was incredibly easy to install, and it saved me
>   from all those decisions. Perhaps six months down the road,
>   we'll go ahead and implement the Mason wiki.
>   Or perhaps kwiki will continue to be good enough. Anyway, thanks Brian!
> I do not see the "Mason people have dropped Kwiki" part here :-)

Peter is correct. By "implement the Mason wiki", I mean implement a
CGI::Wiki-based wiki using Mason instead of TT as the templating language.