[cgi-wiki-dev] Mailing list vs wiki for discussion

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Right - I get you now. Because CGI::Wiki is a backend, it has no UI. That is
left to whatever front end I use.

Thanks for the clarification.

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=>Just for the record I will say that I prefer a wiki for discussion to
=>I like being able to refactor and cross reference for other people and to
=>use pages to build consensus of opinion. And that's without cluttering my
=>I do recognise that this only works well on TWiki because that retains
=>histories - am I right in thinking that this is not the case for
=CGI::Wiki has history. Wikis just don't work unless they have
=history. For a time, one of my biggest issues with Kwiki was that it
=didn't, though they solved this issue eventually.
=You're still not quite making sense, though. CGI::Wiki has page
=history, but not in a user-accessible way, because you can't do
=_anything_ to CGI::Wiki except through a specific front-end. Talk
=about openguides, or CGI::Wiki::Kwiki, or CGI::Wiki::Simple, or
=something, if you have specific questions.