When I ran Black Cat we preferred customers to use role addresses (e.g. support@, sales@) rather than contact us directly. This had the advantage that more people got the mail, increasing the likelihood of it getting answered swiftly. However some people preferred to email one of us directly, even for trivial matters. Having a preference for using role addresses myself I can sort of understand why people did this; often there is a poor or non existent response from a company's generic email addresses, leaving no choice but to try and email a known contact. However in our case it would have led to a poorer chance of timely response.

These days I don't have to worry about these things in quite the same way, but there are a few things I'm on what could be considered a "role" address for. And still I get emailed directly about things. Which is still annoying. So please, if you are considering emailing me about something that isn't personal, consider whether you should be using a role address rather than emailing me directly.

(This semi rant brought to you as a way of testing if my MovableType upgrade worked)