This is the point where I should be writing something witty and intelligent about the election going on across the pond, but I can't think of anything worth saying. If you can, go and vote. Even if you think your side is going to win, go and bloody do it anyway.

Anyway. Today I achieved FDMI success; my code successfully registered my test cluster against the fabric switch it's connected to and reported various bits of information about itself. Hardly earth shattering but does at least indicate that I'm beginning to understand some details of Fibre Channel at the packet level and how to make our code send/receive them. Go 'bama me.

(FDMI is the Fabric Device Management Interface and a way for Fibre Channel devices to report things like their manufacturer, serial number, OS, HBA model and driver/firmware versions to a management controller on the switch fabric. It's not a complex protocol in any manner, but there's a distinct lack of clear Fibre Channel documentation around that's at a lower level than "So you want to hook up a SAN?")