Katherine and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary over the weekend. We still don't think marriage has changed us or our relationship that much; having lived together for many years beforehand was really a much bigger step.

A number of fairly major other events have happened to me in the past year, which I don't think either of us could have predicated.

  • We moved house to Castlerock. We knew this was likely for Katherine (she spent her first year at UU living in Portstewart and had been looking for somewhere new), but I didn't think I'd be moving back to NI just yet. Unfortunately we're still trying to sell the house in Norwich. :(
  • Simon and I sold Black Cat. Really couldn't have predicted that this time last year.
  • I got a new job with 3PAR in Belfast. I suppose that relates to the BCN sale, but if you'd asked me last year if I'd be looking for a new job, let alone have one, this year I'd have said no!

All in all I think I'm in a better place than I was last year. 5:30 starts are painful (it's 2 hours door to door with trains at 6am or 8am and nothing in between), but at least I get to come home to Katherine rather than an empty house, and it's nice to be working in an office again rather than on my own. We will eventually get the Castlerock house sorted (there are still lots of things in boxes, the TV isn't even hooked up, the wireless coverage is patchy in the study, the kitchen isn't quite finished yet, the living room is barely started yet, need I go on?). And I'm sure it'll stop raining for at least one day during the year. Please?