Following many months of faff, today Katherine and I completed on a house in Castlerock. I say Katherine and I, but really I did very little. She started looking after she’d started at UU, before we knew Black Cat was going to be sold. My sole involvement was to be dragged round a few places (including this one) when I was back in April.

The initial plan was that Norwich would remain our “home” and this would be somewhere that Katherine would be able to live during term time, that I could also work from now and then. Given recent events it’ll no doubt become “home” and we’ll leave Norwich. To that end I’ve been looking at the job market back in NI. I’ve found (and applied for) a few things in Belfast, all software development roles. I may even have an interview; had a phone call today that felt very much like a phone interview and ended with talk of getting a formal interview sorted for when I’m next over.

All scary stuff. Belfast is a bit far for a commute, so I may end up living there during the week. Or I might not get anything in NI and have to look further afield. Anyone know anything going in Derry? That may be a more managable daily journey.