I had a rant about Firefox today on #debian-uk. Mainly the fact it seems to like to guzzle memory and bring my system to a crawl when it feels unloved. Which is every time it loads an animated image as far as I can tell. Matthew suggested Epiphany so I thought I'd give it a try.

Seems ok, but looked a bit blocky, like GTK apps do for me. Not shiny and curvy like people who run a GNOME desktop (I run the excellent evilwm). So I had a poke around. And the magic is to run aptitude install gtk-theme-switch gtk2-engines and then switch2 and pick a theme and marvel as your GTK apps become sexier.

Of course you probably all knew this. I'm impressed with how it's affected GNUCash, liferea and workrave as well (yes, yes, that's the whole point of theming, but I'm a simple creature who mostly runs xterms).

Time will tell if Epiphany actually sucks less than Firefox. And there's still the leaking bucket that is liferea (253MB? Eh? And that's with the optimise for memory option enabled).