Good things about the weekend:

  • Discovering KLM's internet check-in.
  • The fact I can walk from home to the airport in about half an hour.
  • Getting upgraded to a Penthouse Suite for no extra charge due to the hotel overbooking.
  • Finally getting to go to the Heineken Experience (I'm a beer bottle!)
  • Checking in for the flight home at the automated terminal with just my passport (I'd forgotten to print out my ticket details and was worried I was going to have to go and find some net access to get them).
  • And of course, having a nice weekend with some good friends.

On the flip side I only actually saw Andy (the reason I was in Amsterdam at all) for a few hours thanks to a combination of BA delaying his flight for over 2 hours and my body deciding at 2am that it was really time to wander back to the hotel and sleep.