Argh. A long time ago I got LinuxBIOS up and running on a Via EPIA-M mobo - someone else had done the initial work, but it had bitrotted. As part of that I got auto power on working, such that if you removed power from the box it would come on when you reapplied it, even if it had been turned off before. However I never checked this into LinuxBIOS as it's a bit intrusive - not everyone wants boxen auto powering on. What I now find is that not only have I lost the code to do this, but the copy of the vt8235 (southbridge in use on the EPIA-M) datasheet doesn't have the details of which register I need to twiddle. I'm sure it used to, but that might have been an older copy which of course I no longer have.

So, does anyone out there have a copy of the vt8235 datasheet and can tell me what magic value I need to poke to what register(s)? Please? I've tried creatively Googling, I've tried running Via's factory BIOS and seeing if the PCI config registers changes when I flip the option in that, but all to no avail. Someone save me. I don't want to have to disassemble the BIOS trying to find this one tweak. :(