Earlier this week my Amstrad E3 2.6 patch was accepted into the linux-omap tree. This is pretty cool; I'm a big believer in pushing changes to upstream where possible and thus it's great when they take them.

I'd thought that once this base patch was in it would be a simple matter of cleaning up my patches for the LCD, USB, keymap and NAND support, ready for submission. I have all of these working fine on my 2.6.15 tree, so it should have been easy, right? Of course not. I've spent most of the week (well, the bits I wasn't working or doing late night router upgrades) trying to solve the ohci: Unlink after no-IRQ? Controller is probably using the wrong IRQ. problem. No, I know it's not the wrong IRQ. It works fine with 2.4 and 2.6.15. Gah.

What's worse is Google only showed up people having the same issue; a number apparently x86 with ACPI being suggested as the culprit, but there were a few that were also with the OMAP5910 (the E3's processor). The most recent from Ladis but he's already turned up on #emailer to ask me how I'd got it working in 2.6.15.

Anyway, I think I've finally solved it (the 5910 needs the local bus clock enabled for USB according to the datasheet and this wasn't being done), though I'm waiting to see if my solution works for anyone else before deciding it's a success. Assuming it does I can actually start to look at getting the other bits ready too; I think the LCD stuff has changed a bit and I dread to think what the MTD guys are going to say about my attempts at a driver.