My main fear in life is pain. I'm a wuss. Nowhere is this more obvious than when I'm at the dentist. I literally start shaking when I sit in the chair. While he's prodding around inside my mouth I can feel myself tense up more and more until I force myself to relax and then the process repeats. Being 6'1" I don't get a lot of people believing me when I tell them just how nervous the whole thing makes me.

Anyway. When I came to Norwich I managed to find a dentist who claimed to be suited to nervous patients. I went and didn't find them that good, but did make an appointment for my next checkup 6 months after my initial appointment. And then they cancelled it and I spent the next 3 years thinking I should really get round to sorting it out again and not doing so. Then several weeks ago I was having a conversation at an ALUG meeting with Becca and she recommended her dentist. So I decided I should give them a go and discovered that Phill also uses the same one and said they were good too.

I finally got around to going today (having filled out all the forms last week). The dentist was nice and friendly and took me on board about being shit scared. And said some consoling words about my teeth being in reasonable shape. I got away with a scale and polish (which I have to go back to get completed in a couple of weeks) and no mention of a drill anywhere. Rock. Now let's see if I can manage a regular checkup schedule. :)

Oh, it's the Guildhall Dental Practice at 9 Upper Goat Lane, Norwich if anyone else is looking. 01603 760032.