I'm a keen believer that we need some more interesting applications for pie-in-the-sky technology. My favourite example is the time machine fridge. What better use for the idea of time travel? Every time you need an ingredient from the fridge, not only do you have it - it's fresh! I was explaining this idea at TFM's BBQ on Saturday and Ian Snell came up with a potentially better idea; the stasis fridge. Want things to stay as fresh as the moment you put them into the fridge? No problem. What to keep your hot pizza beside your cold beer? Done.

My other neat idea is the wormhole router; get round that pesky speed of light limitation of packets crossing the Atlantic by having paired routers with a wormhole between them. Loadsa bandwidth, tiny latency. No danger of a trawler cutting your fibre!

The problem, of course, is that no one's actually got round to inventing time travel, stasis or wormholes yet. Bah.