[noodles@pot ~]$ ssh -C ox.compsoc.net
Oxford University Computer Society network

This machine no longer accepts user logins.

Well, that's that then. It's nearly 8 years since I got my Compsoc account, back in the days when most people didn't have a Linux box sitting on their desk (in fact I think I had a Compaq Aero 4/33 running DOS at the time). Since then I've been a Compsoc Sysadmin, president of the society and more recently an aging hanger on. It's still sad to see it go however. The main problem seems to have been a lack of undergraduates who are interested in actually maintaining the network, probably coupled with the lack of demand from most current members for an account. I believe there are still a reasonable number of events, which is in contrast to Cambridge, where the SRCF seems to be still going strong, while the Cambridge University Computing Society seems somewhat dormant. Odd how these things work out.