Kathy has a Motorola C975 on 3 PAYG. She's used it a number of times to take pictures when she hasn't had a real camera handy and wanted to get a cable to get them off the phone. eBay of course provided and it arrived this morning. Aside from it being a bit dodgy (needs some wiggling to get detected, but the seller is sending me a replacement) there's the issue of software. It came with some Windows software, but my only Windows machine has slightly dodgy USB to say the least (it was dodgy under Linux and FreeBSD as well, so I can't blame Windows here).

Plugging it into a Linux machine caused the loading of the cdc-acm driver and lo and behold I had a /dev/ttyACM0 and could talk AT to the phone. Which would of course be more useful if 3 actually did real data instead of just walled garden stuff. Further looking around led to the discovery of moto4lin which supports the "P2K" mode of the phone, which lets you upload/download files and Java applets. Except of course it doesn't support the C975. It'll recognise the phone is there, get the model number and free space available but can't actually get a file list. I've filed a request for C975 support as there doesn't seem to be a mailing list or even web forum for discussion of the program. I possibly need to get USB working under Windows and do the usbsnoop thing. Unless anyone out there has got one of these working with Linux?