The sixth annual Croydon Fun Weekend — Friday 26 to Sunday 28 January 2018

The Croydon Fun Weekend is an annual celebration of things to do in Croydon. It takes place on the last full weekend of January each year (except in 2017, when I had a year off).

It's not associated with any formal or informal organisations — it's organised solely by me (Kake) with the aim of showing my friends some of the things that are great about living in Croydon. Anyone is welcome to come along.

Photography policy

Photos are great in general (and you can put them in our Flickr pool afterwards if you like) — but please don't take photos of other Croydon Fun Weekend attendees unless you have their explicit permission.

The 2018 programme (see also: 2019 programme)

Friday 26 January 2018

Child-friendly lunch/snacks, crafts, and play at Beanies on the lower level of the Whitgift Centre. You don’t have to bring a child to come to this event; we should have plenty between us as it is. Feel free to bring along your own crafts, but bear in mind there will be small children running around us and we may not have a huge amount of table space. Minimal use of sharp objects (e.g. quilling tools, sewing needles) is OK as long as you're willing and able to keep tight control over them at all times they're out. Please note that only children aged 5 and under are allowed on the soft play equipment at Beanies.
Accessibility: Step-free access to all areas including accessible toilet (large cubicle though slightly crowded with stuff). Slightly narrow access at entrance to the space, though there is the possibility of moving barriers to create more room if required. Sturdy nappy-changing table in the accessible toilet, suitable for toddlers as well as babies.
Drinks at the Royal Standard, 1 Sheldon Street, CR0 1SS.
Accessibility: A step to get in, possibly another step to get to seating and toilets (depending on where we find space). Small, narrow spaces inside.
7:30pm onwards
Dinner at Abshar, 67 South End, CR0 1BF. Vegetarian options available. Please let me know by lunchtime on Monday 22 January if you’re definitely or probably coming to this, so I can give the restaurant a hopefully-accurate number.
Accessibility: A small step to get in (around 5cm/2 inches); no further steps inside, including to the toilets.

Saturday 27 January 2018

Search and Replace, a pervasive game run by Kevan Davis. Meet at West Croydon tram stop from 11:15am to start the game at 11:30am. The tram stop is on Station Road, behind West Croydon station and opposite the bus station. If arriving by train on platform 4 (southbound non-terminating trains), use the (step-free) exit toward the middle/back of the train, then turn right and walk along through the tram stop to the meeting point on the other side. If arriving at any other platform, use the main station exit, then turn left, turn left again at Maplin, and continue along until just before the tram stop itself (if using the step-free exit from these platforms, continue straight ahead through the carpark to the main road, then do the turn left, turn left again thing).
Accessibility: The game is played on foot on pavements and pedestrianised streets, and participants have a free choice of which roads to explore. There are very few steps anywhere in the game area, and participants who need to avoid these shouldn’t be at any disadvantage. One of the roads (London Road) is fairly busy but has several pedestrian crossings with kerb cuts. North End is completely flat and pedestrianised.
Lunch at Uncle Lim’s, 1123–1124 Whitgift Centre Upper Level, CR0 1UZ. Vegetarian options available.
Accessibility: Step-free via Whitgift Centre lifts. Toilets are some way away, also accessed via Centre lifts.
1:15pm–4pm, Team Crafts
An art and craft session at the Museum of Croydon, Katharine Street, CR9 1ET. This will be one of their regular sessions, so other members of the public will also be present. The activities are aimed at children aged 5–11, but adults and children of other ages can enjoy them too. The session lasts all afternoon until 4pm, but people can join and leave at any time.
Accessibility: Step-free entrance via a ramp and lift. Toilets on the same level.
1pm–6pm, Team Pub
Pub crawl led by bob walker. Meet at Uncle Lim’s (see above) by 1pm at the latest, or join in later according to the schedule.
6:15pm onwards
Teams converge for dinner at Osushi, 47 South End, CR0 1BF. Please let me know by lunchtime on Monday 22 January if you’re definitely or probably coming to this, so I can give the restaurant a hopefully-accurate number. Accessibility TBC.

Sunday 28 January 2018

Walk led by Paul Sowan: Croydon’s Lost Cinemas. This begins in South Norwood before proceeding to Croydon, so there are two points where you can join in: either meet us from 11:15am at Portland Cafe, 42 Portland Road, SE25 4PQ (nearest station Norwood Junction) to set off at 11:30am, or join in during our lunch break from 1pm–2pm at Snake & Mongoose, 36 London Road, CR0 2TA (which has a special separate menu of vegetarian and vegan Caribbean food). We will be getting a train (from Norwood Junction to West Croydon) and a bus (from central Croydon to the Swan & Sugarloaf) during the walk, since the cinema sites are quite spread out.
Accessibility: No steps into Portland Cafe. Half a dozen steps into Snake & Mongoose. Quite a lot of steps at Norwood Junction Station.
5pm onwards
Drinks at the Crown & Sceptre, 32 Junction Road, CR2 6RB. The pub does food until 6pm, but there will likely be an expedition around 6pmish for dinner at Fushia, 3 Brighton Road, CR2 6EA. Vegetarian options are sparse at the Crown & Sceptre and plentiful at Fushia.
Accessibility: A step to get in to the Crown & Sceptre, and it's fairly cramped inside when full. Once you're in, it's level to the toilets, including a RADAR-locked accessible one. The dining area at Fushia is on the upper floor, up a flight of steps.