The fifth annual Croydon Fun Weekend — Friday 29 to Sunday 31 January 2016

The Croydon Fun Weekend is an annual celebration of things to do in Croydon. It takes place on the last full weekend of January each year.

It's not associated with any formal or informal organisations — it's organised solely by me (Kake) with the aim of showing my friends some of the things that are great about living in Croydon.

Most of the weekend is open to anyone who wants to come along, but (for reasons of space and security) the parts that take place in my house are restricted to people I've already met in person.

Photography policy

Photos are great in general (and you can put them in our Flickr pool afterwards if you like) — but please don't take photos of other Croydon Fun Weekend attendees unless you have their explicit permission.

The 2016 programme (see also: 2019 programme)

Friday 29 January 2016

Child-friendly lunch/snacks and play at Beanies on the lower level of the Whitgift Centre. Susan Oliver will be running a craft workshop as part of this. (NB: You don’t have to actually bring a child to come to this event; we should have plenty between us as it is.) Accessibility: Step-free access to all areas including accessible toilet (large cubicle though slightly crowded with stuff). Slightly narrow access at entrance to the space, though there is the possibility of moving barriers to create more room if required. Sturdy nappy-changing table in the accessible toilet, suitable for toddlers as well as babies. Please note that only children aged 4 and under are allowed on the soft play equipment at Beanies.
Drinks at the Royal Standard, 1 Sheldon Street, CR0 1SS. Accessibility: A step to get in, possibly another step to get to seating and toilets (depending on where we find space). Small, narrow spaces inside.
7:30pm onwards
Dinner at Cát Bà Island, 18 South End, CR0 1DN. Vegetarian and vegan options available. Accessibility: A step to get in, about 4–5". Another, smaller, step inside to get to the toilets. Please let me know by noon on Wednesday 27 January if you want to come to this. (We have a table booked for 5–15 people, but I promised to give the restaurant more accurate numbers closer to the time).

Saturday 30 January 2016

A pervasive game in the Dingwall Road area, run by Kevan Davis. Meet at 11:30am next to J B Shakespeare, 67 George Street, CR0 1LD (come out of the main entrance of East Croydon Station, turn right, cross a side road, pass Pret and Boots, and it's just past Albemarle Bond). Accessibility: The game is played on foot on pavements and across car parks with some crossing of not-at-all-busy roads. It will take about half an hour. Players who can run or jog will be at an advantage over walkers/wheelers, but not an overwhelming one.
Lunch at Uncle Lim’s, 1123–1124 Whitgift Centre Upper Level, CR0 1UZ. Vegetarian options available. Accessibility: Step-free via Whitgift Centre lifts. Toilets are some way away, also accessed via Centre lifts.
1:30pm-6pm, Team Shop/Cook
Shopping for food on Surrey Street Market and in the independent shops on Church Street and London Road, followed by cooking at my house. There will be no overall plan for the cooking, so if there's something you particularly want to make then go for it. Non-cooks are welcome at this too, particularly if you're up for entertaining children while their usual carers do some cooking. Please note that due to the venue this activity is only open to people I've already met in person. Accessibility: Most of the places we'll be shopping will be crowded and busy. Some will have steps to get in. See below for access to house; also, the kitchen has no low surfaces.
1:30pm-6pm, Team Pub
Pub crawl led by bob walker. Meet at Uncle Lim’s for a 1:30pm start.
6:30pm onwards
Teams converge for dinner at my house, cooked earlier by Team Shop/Cook. Please note that due to the venue this activity is only open to people I've already met in person (but if you meet this criterion then it’s fine to come even if you weren’t around for shopping, cooking, or pubcrawling). Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options will be provided. Accessibility: A few shallow steps and a 90-degree turn to get in. Narrow hallway, two more shallow steps, and a 90-degree turn to the toilet.

Sunday 31 January 2016

Dim sum at Tai Tung, Wing Yip complex, Purley Way. Please arrive as early as possible for this, as otherwise we’ll have to wait a long time in the queue. There are no cash machines in the complex so please bring enough cash to pay for your lunch – it will probably be around £15–20. Pound coins and £5 notes are likely to be very helpful in splitting up the bill, so do consider bringing some.
Stones of Croydon guided walk and drawing tour on London Road, led by artist Nat Carey. No charge, and all drawing materials will be provided. Meet at Turf Projects, Centrale Unit 39–40, Keeley Road, for a 3pm start. Accessibility: Step-free access to Turf Projects. Extended walking and standing required during the actual walk, including moving on and off pavements without kerb cuts. There will be a couple of opportunities to sit briefly during the walk for those who need a rest.
5:30pm onwards
Drinks and dinner at the George, 17-21 George Street, CR0 1LA. We should be here by 5:30pm, possibly a little earlier. Standard Wetherspoons menu including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options (see menu including “dietary filter” on the Wetherspoons website). Accessibility: No steps to get in, and it’s step-free to all the seating (via a ramp for the back part). There’s a RADAR-locked accessible toilet on the ground floor, though access to this is often cluttered with people.