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Mailing lists

I run a group of mailing lists for people who have been on the courses, there is no compulsion to join, but it is good to keep in touch.

gift - For general announcements. The idea is that this is a low traffic list for people to keep in touch via. Appears to be really low traffic at the moment.

gift-j - The junk list, for the more prolific emailers amongst us to create in-jokes and talk for ages. This leads to fun and better keeping in touch.

ox-gift - A slightly more specific list, designed for people in Oxford to plan meeting each other, and group trips to other meets, but there appear to be some non-Oxford people on it. This is a very quiet list

To subscribe to any of these lists, click on the name of the list. Then fill in the form. If this really is above you, then you can email me dave (at) and plead with me to put you on a list.

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