Report on people caught by scammers



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Tue, 02 Mar 2004

Report on people caught by scammers

E-mail scam victim counts his losses

This is one of a series of articles on on-line fraud. They seem to tell stories of supposedly clever businessmen, falling for one of the many scams that happen over the Internet. Now, when these were rare, and came by fax, I can see that some people might be caught. However I receive up to 25 of these scams a day. I cannot believe that there is really that many bundles of 12.5 million DOLLARS needing to get out of Africa that there that many people interested in my help getting it out.

This guy seems not to understand quite the way that he has been conned. He has lost $200,000 to the conman, and yet still comments on how the conman was "always polite and considerate." It is amazing how polite someone will be to get that sort of money.

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