[cgi-wiki-dev] Plan for CGI::Wiki database refactoring

Nick Burch cgi-wiki at gagravarr.org
Thu Feb 16 14:41:08 GMT 2006

Hi All

I'm planning to make some changes to CGI::Wiki with Dom's help, mostly to 
the database structure.

Currently, the primary key is the name of the entry. This means the name 
is stored in all 4 tables (de-normalised), and not always with the same 
column name in each table (name vs node)

We are proposing to add a numeric id field to node. We will then replace 
name in content and node in metadata with node_id, the id of the node.

Oh, and then we'll do a database upgrade script, to take people from the 
current de-normalised form to the normalised form.

Finally, we're going to add a version table to the database, much like 
with Ruby On Rails. That will make future upgrades easiler, since the 
upgrade script will be able to tell what version you currently have


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