Kake's Mathematical Biology Page

NOTE: This was written ages ago. I'm not a mathematician any more; I'm a programmer. My dissertation is not going to be put up here because it accidentally got deleted. It only exists in paper form now, and I haven't got a copy.

Due to the lack of markup for mathematical symbols, it's not easy to display equations on the Internet. I've been investigating various ways to get around the problem, and I think I've found one I like.

It won't work on all browsers though, as it uses special fonts to display Greek characters, and tables to lay out the equations. So I have two versions of every page that contains equations - if the graphical version looks odd then switch to the text version.

My Work in Mathematical Biology

I'm a third-year DPhil (doctorate) student at Oxford University, based in the Mathematical Institute. The group I am working in is the Oxford Centre for Mathematical Biology.

Some of us are looking at developmental biology and others at wound healing. I am in the wound healing camp, and at the moment I'm doing angiogenesis.

As of 10 September 1997, I'm in the process of putting a shortened version of my transfer dissertation up here. Well, as much of it as I've written, anyway. Expect it sometime - don't hold your breath.

But what is Mathematical Biology?

I've written a small introduction to the modelling aspect of Mathematical Biology - look at the text version or the graphical version.

Some of the words I use in these pages may be unfamiliar. I've made a list of some of the more obscure (read: biological) words, based on the ones I didn't understand when I started this course. I'm in the process of linking individual words in these pages to that list; but you can also look at the index of the whole thing.

Another useful word list is the Online Dictionary of Cell Biology - you can search it for any word, and it has lots more words than mine, but it doesn't have internal links to help you understand what the definition you found actually means (mine does).

29 August 1997