Sprouting Nuts, Grains and Seeds

This section deals with those grains and seeds that I have used in my raw recipes. For a more in-depth look at anything you could possibly ever sprout (and some things you can't), see Tom Billings' article at http://www.living-foods.com/articles/sprouting.html, which is where I learned about methods of sprouting.

Sprouting methods include the jar and cloth methods. Specific instructions for various grains and seeds used in my recipes follow below.

Sprouting Methods

After you have soaked your grains or seeds for the required length of time, the two main sprouting methods are jar and cloth. I have had more success with the cloth method, but I have heard that the cloth is more likely to go mouldy if your sprouts need a long time.

After sprouting for the required length of time, rinse and drain your sprouts, then store in the fridge if not using immediately. Rinse and drain every 12 hours, but use as soon as possible for freshness.

Sprouting with a Cloth

Dampen a tea towel until it is wet but not dripping, and lay it, folded, on top of a plate. Spread your soaked seeds on top, then add another damp folded tea towel on top. Keep it damp by trickling more water on top, and sprout for the recommended length of time.

Sprouting with a Jar

Put the soaked seeds in jar. Tie some kind of cloth over the top and leave to sprout, out of direct sunlight. Rinse 2-3 times a day until sprouts are ready, draining each time by propping the jar at an angle so the water can drain through the cloth.

Specifics for Various Grains and Seeds


Quinoa must be washed very thoroughly to get rid of an unpleasant-tasting substance on the seed coat - this applies whether you intend to sprout it or cook it.

After washing, soak for 2-4 hours. Tom Billings says that the sprouts should be ready in 12 hours, but mine had not started by this time. They were ready to eat after 24 hours. The sprouts are thin and long, and the overall effect is that the grains become swollen but are still crunchy.

Use sprouted quinoa in Sprouted Quinoa Plate with Salsa and Vegetables.
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