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I am constantly accused of having far too many computers. It is possible this is true, however computers are Good and Right and Proper as Ian Snell would say (though maybe he wouldn't say it about computers). Computers do Stuff, they sit there and do things on their own and these things help you. They also allow near-instataneous communication around the world, and infalible memory.

Sun Microsystems might like to claim that "The Network is the Computer". That might be a bit of an exageration but networked computers are significantly more useful than computers sitting on their own. The ideal is to never me more than a few feet from a terminal. This way I can check what I have said to people and what they have said to me over email.

I will admit to being a bit of an information junkie. I think it is the side effect of having almost permanent Internet access for the last year and permanent access for half of the previous year. Whenever I wanted to look something up I reached for the computer, and I wrote very little down, and kept few copies of everything as all my files can be reached from pretty much wherever I am. Even better, my Palm Pilot is small enough to fit in my pockets.

For my opinion on the other mobile data-source, see my comments on WAP

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